Dr. Stephen G. Clausen
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     New Patients                                                                                                                                  

As a new patient, I understand you may have a lot of questions. I am happy to help orient you to my practice, simply contact me at your convenience.  Please review my Guidelines for New Patients:
  • Attire: You'll want to dress comfortably, and appropriate for your condition. Please bring leggings, loose fitting slacks, shorts, t-shirt or tank top, etc.  
  • Reports: Bring a copy of any recent MRI, CT, and or x-ray scan, a report is okay
  • Time: Allow 60-90 minutes for your first exam
  • Forms: Complete and bring applicable Patient Forms: 
  • Follow-up treatments will be 15-30 minutes a session
  • Patient visits occur in a private room
If your visit is for an on-the-job injury, please bring:
  • Claim number
  • Claim adjuster name and telephone number
  • Physician's referral
  • Health insurance card, incase your claim is closed
If your visit is for a motor vehicle accident, please bring:

  • Insurance company name and claim number
  • Claim adjuster name and telephone number
  • Name, phone number, and address of your attorney, if applicable

                                                     Clausen Chiropractic  •  3417 Evanston Avenue North Suite 214, Seattle, WA 98103  •  206-453-5857
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