Dr. Stephen G. Clausen
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Time-of-Service: This option is based on cash, check, or pay service of Dwolla.  This option is designed for individuals who may wish to submit their own claim (if permitted in their contract). The service rate is reduced from my usual and customary fees because no billing service is utilized. Please contact me for current pay service options.

Billed/Insurance: If I am a contracted provider for your insurance plan, I am responsible for collecting fees from your insurer. (TOS option may be available) You are responsible for any co-pay, co-insurance or deductible. I am credentialed and contracted in First ChoicePremera, and Medicare plans. 
                                                     Clausen Chiropractic  •  3417 Evanston Avenue North Suite 214, Seattle, WA 98103  •  206-453-5857
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