Dr. Stephen G. Clausen
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Below, please find a list of services I offer in response to various patient conditions.  Contact me so we can get started on a treatment plan--and read some of my patient testimonials here.

Activator Method Chiropractic Adjustments: This is the primary therapy used in my practice. Adjustments “re-set” proper joint function and normalize brain-tissue communication.

Corrective Exercises: These are specific stretches and strengthening exercises to re-establish normal muscle function and minimize the likelihood of relapse.

Group Presentations: I provide up-to-date information to groups about Back-Care and Safety, The Art and Science of Chiropractic and Nutrition Topics.

Home and Facility On-Site Services: With my portable table, I am able to provide chiropractic treatments at your home or business. 

Kinesiotaping: A supportive technique that can assist in pain reduction, help correct muscle patterns and increase lymph flow utilizing case-specific, non-latex taping methods. 

Nutritional Testing and Consultation: Proper nutrition is important to performance, mood, and disease prevention. I offer comprehensive nutritional questionnaires and specific testing for necessary mineral absorption (which is especially useful for leg/menstrual cramps and with acid reflux cases).

Parabath: Paraffin wax therapy for hand and wrist arthritis pain relief is a perfect therapy for both men and women, especially in the cold and damp weather. 

Percussion Therapy: This adjunctive therapy accelerates soft tissue healing, releases tight joints, and resolves trigger points. The percussion “waves” promote an increase in circulation and lymphatic flow. Percussion is also useful for pre- and post- athletic events. (Including working at a desk all day!)

Wellness and Preventative Care Plans: These are individually designed treatment plans intended to maintain and enhance health.

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